Fairfax Racing Saddle

The Fairfax RACING saddle MAY 2020 - News Flash The Fairfax Saddlery team announced the launch of their new website, detailing the pressure testing, design, and production of the Fairfax racing saddle. Their extensive studies have shown the racing saddle trees currently in use are producing undue pressure and friction and that the new thought process has revealed some astounding results! ⏬⏬⏬ New Era ...The technological advances used in sport horse research are sparking a new era in racing, enhancing our understanding of the physiological and biomechanical demands on the horse and helping improve longevity and welfare.                                                               TRAINER MAGAZINE - Issue 68 -   Page 33  Improved hip flexion:  recorded in the new saddle design (A)  compared to a commonly used saddle (B). ⏬⏬⏬ Pliance Pressure Testing Results Figure1. Pliance – High-pressure testing results under commonly used half saddle tree.

"MADE-TO-MEASURE" Patrick Saddle

What are these things!?! The image shows the tools needed for a Patrick Saddlery sales representative. The implements are used to provide Patrick's team with the information required to begin creating your 'MADE-TO-MEASURE' Patrick Saddle!! The exacting standards of Patrick Keane, Master Saddler are a great addition to the Flying Star saddle fitting process. It is quite an honor to work with a saddler as accomplished as Patrick Keane. To measure for a Patrick semi to a full custom saddle, we use exacting methods to take 28 specific measurements of your horse, including the length of its back and its height. This information is transferred to a horse simulation tool at the workshop in Walsall England. 🔻🔻🔻 There will be demo saddles for you to try and we will ask you to sit in one of our grid saddles to ensure perfect block placement. We will also take you through a process to establish which saddle tree would best suit you and your horse. F

NEW Thinline Shims

ThinLine 'Trim to Fit' Shims - New product for 2020 ⏬  Available through Flying Star Saddlery  ⏬  ThinLine  'Trim to Fit' Shims is a new ThinLine product that is made according to the dimensions of individual saddle pads. When ordering your shims through Flying Star Saddlery - please indicate the model of correction pad you intend to use. The pads are then up to you and your saddle fitter at Flying Star* to cut and place to gain the perfect balance and lift! * Schedule a shim-fit session and we can demonstrate the way to get the most out of your shims and correction pad! We can also advise with photo demonstration if you are out of the Flying Star Saddlery service areas! 303-912-8703 Shop Thinline shims for any correction pad. The Flying Star Saddlery online store is open 24/7.